It’s Road Trip Time

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We’ve hit the road!

And the plan is to stay there for around the next two months.

This trip was originally just going to be a short trip from SE Queensland across the Simpson Desert to a festival.  But then I got my winter job in Antarctica which completely blew up all our plans.

Instead, after spending around 13 out of the last 18 months apart, Glenn and I decided that a road trip would be a good way to bring us close together again.

And here we are!  All packed up in our 4WD, camping our way around part of Australia for the next couple of months.  We have an idea about what route we want to take, but not really much more of an itinerary than that.  In a way we’d like to see where the road takes us.

We’d also like to not rush things.  We don’t want to be setting up our tent one day and then packing it all up again the next to move on.  We want to enjoy watching the sunrise in a place one morning and then completely miss it the next and sleep, if we feel like it.  We want to wait for the right light to practice our photography.  We’re even happy to wait for the right weather to get out our stand-up-paddleboards (SUPs).  (I’m a beginner – I need the right conditions at the moment.)

Where are we going?

We planned ahead a little for this trip.  As we were both going to be spending the summer in Antarctica and our arrival point back in Australia was Hobart, it seemed logical to make that our starting point.  Glenn drove the car down to Hobart and put it into storage back in October, so that we could hit the ground running when we arrived back this March.

And that’s just what we’ve done.

(But we’ll get to that in the next post.)

For now, here’s a little bit of an idea about where we’ll be going on our road trip over the next two, or so, months.

Some of the main places that we want to hit on this trip:

– The Great Ocean Road

– Coffin Bay

– Lake Eyre (especially now that it is starting to fill up with water)

– Birdsville (though a recent look at road closures due to flooding may nix this one!)

– The Simpson Desert

– Kings Canyon

– Kakadu

– Darwin

…And just about everything in between!

Okay, we only have around two months, so maybe not quite everything!  But that’s just to give you a bit of a taste of the route we’re going to take.  Of course, everything is subject to change, depending on where the road takes us.

We’ll try and share a bit of our travels with you as we go – when we work out a routine that lets us write and edit photos and videos, as well as enjoying the journey.

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Miss Jane & Glenn

Miss Jane & Glenn

We've just returned from working in Antarctica, at Casey Station.  And now we're hitting the road to travel around Australia for the next two months.

Follow along as we share with you all the adventures we get up to.

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